Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

From LPR, February 19, 2017...

June 19, 2021 --

On the Ruling, Reeling, Elite
From Michael Goodwin, New York Post, February 12 --

"[T]he hysterical hateful reaction in many quarters to everything Trump says and does is absolute proof that the ruling elite deserved a comeuppance.

The establishment was drunk on power, political and cultural, and never yielded an inch voluntarily or had the decency to admit error. Its rage reflects its sense of entitlement."

Goodwin went on to comment: "Modern liberals' contempt for others is essential to their sense of superiority and justifies violence in the streets, threats and simple rudeness."

Columnist Goodwin, more than four years ago, was incisively prophetic in his scrutiny of the leftist mindset.   Today, the Latin term a fortiori comes to mind.

The "sense of superiority" of leftists has metastasized into a yearning for totalitarianism, accompanied by slyly accusing patriots of undermining democracy.

And see how the leftist justifies street violence committed by other leftists,, as noted by Mr. Goodwin, making Antifa thugs the actual threat to a sense of law and order, now under assault by the anti-democrats who demand defunding of police departments across  the homeland. 

And note how, early in 2017, Mr. Goodwin indicated that the Never Trump malcontents are the true horrid hordes of hate.