Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Announcing a New LPR Feature
Helpful Hints to Anyone in Manhattan: Resident or Visitor

January 5, 2022 --

It was December 22 that LPR was directed to go to 3 Columbus Circle to go to the office of psychiatrist,  to leave a note card (with Lulu's image on the front)  for advice on getting Lulu "service dog" -- a/k/a "emotional support animal" status.

Now the only buildings on Columbus Circle to LPR's knowledge are  the (former?) Time-Warner building and the former Huntington Hartford museum.  Not seeing a Number 3 on either of those buildings, LPR asked a cab driver, in front of the now Deutsches Bank Center (the former Time Warner building?), if he knew where No. 3 Columbus Circle was.  The cab driver went to his smartphone, did some scrolling, and pointed in the direction of the former Huntington Hartford Museum.  I thanked him, wished him a prosperous day, and headed in the direction he pointed to.  Before crossing the part of the Circle that intersects with Eighth Avenue, I checked with a traffic agent  I spotted, about the address, and he indicated  that  it was the building behind the former Huntington Hartford Museum. (I should have noted that it has been decades since that buildings was the former HHM.). Ah, so the cab driver had indicated No. 3 was back of the former HHM.   I searched for the entrance to No. 3 Columbus Circle, and, looking at the street sign above me, saw that the entrance was on Broadway, where it runs between Eighth and Seventh Avenues.  Columbus  Circle is a block away from there.  Seems to me that 3 Columbus Circle is clearly misaddressed.

I went into the building and was directed to the 14th floor.  Standing in front of one of  many banks of elevators, a helpful individual advised me to push the floor I wanted on a screen showing a number of floors. No sooner did I press the 14 on the screen, but I was directed to elevator no. 7, and, soon as I walked in, without doing anything more, was whisked to the 14th floor -- where I was told that the office I wanted was at 5 Columbus Circle.  "Where was 5 Columbus Circle,?" I asked, and was told, "It's just across the street."   "What street?," I wondered.  Happily, on leaving 3 Columbus Circle I saw "5 Columbus Circle" on the building right across the street, indeed.  Across, that is, Broadway.   Btw, the elevators at 5 Columbus Circle are similar, in high tech achievement, to the elevators in 3 Columbus Circle, except at No. 5, they take a bit longer to come to the lobby.

Moral of this helpful hint: if you ever have to go to Nos. 3 or 5 Columbus Circle, do not go to Columbus Circle, go to Broadway, between 57th and 58th Street, and look for the buildings that pretend they are located on Columbus Circle, probably because "Broadway" has become declasse to the real estate people.