Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

One Reason Why LPR Is Important

September 5, 2020 --

Has anyone seen a news item, lately, about the sharp price in the wound cleanser, hydrogen peroxide? LPR hasn't. LPR learned about the price hike only by experience.  A few weeks ago, after suffering bloody scrapes down his left arm, LPR went to a drug store for hydrogen peroxide.  The last time LPR purchased this healing fluid, the cost was, if memory serves, $!.50 for a 16-ounce bottle, and $1.99 for a larger size.  Now the cost is $2.00 for a 16-ounce bottle!   Is Big Pharma taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic with its unconscionable increase in the cost of hydrogen peroxide.

Wait, there's more. LPR quickly depleted that contents of the newly-purchased bottle of hydrogen peroxide and, returning home from the beach at Robert Moses State Park, went to a Walgreen's that closes at 10 p.m. for more of this healing balm.  This time, LPR was not given a bottle of hydrogen peroxide but a spray vessel.  The container was mot 16 oz.; it was only 8 oz.  The price?  Still $2.99.  (The container bore a Walgreen's label.)  One-half the volume of the bottle-version, but the same cost.   Probably the idea is that not as much of the fluid will be used via its spray application, compared to pouring the fluid out of a bottle.  Still, LPR senses price-gouging here. (This is the poll question for this posting of LPR)   All without public comment - to LPR's knowledge.

That is reason enough, LPR believes, for its clicksters to make this conservative, popular website known to a far larger public.  Bear in mind the president's Capraesque words at the conclusion of his address accepeting the Republican Party's nomination for his re-election as president.   Together we are unstoppable.  But for us to be unstoppable, me we must have unstoppable numbers, numbers that our elected officials cannot ignore. 

Yes, LPR's numbers have been increasing, but they are increasing from, of all places, China.   

Where are the millions of people who were part of the Tea Party movement of years past. Surely, LPR should be a logical website for them to turn to in solidarity with LPR's conservative, populist mindset. If China has more than 3,000 LPR clicksters, the U.S.A. should have 3 million, 30 million and more visitors.  

And LPR is not an insular websitre. LPR strongly supports a fair resolution of the Donbass problem to all concerned parties.  Likewise, LPR supports the Mideast peace moves put forth by the Trump administration, and largely welcomes by Israel and the United Arab Emirates.  LPR supports further peace moves between the Jewish State and its neighbors, in particular the development of a desalinization plant that will make the Sinai desert bloom from Egypt and Israel.  LPR believes it in the national interest that President Trump is re-elected, and all the more ion the national interest that he win in 2020 with a landslide that brings in its wake, large majorities in House and Senate.  And a vastly greater number of LPR visitors is no less in the national interest, to help make it clear to the media and the left, notwithstanding their invidious rejectionism,  that the American people remained committed to the founding legacy of liberty and justice for all Americans.