Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

LPR's Observations:
Mainly on the Political Situation,
As We Enter the New Year

January 5, 2021 --

On the Death of John le Carre

Remarkably, John le Carre, who passed away last month, continued to be creative, like Verdi, into his ninth decade.  Indeed, he surpassed Verdi, writing novels closer to his 90th year. 

For LPR, his "Legacy of Spies," was a convenient creative act for the purpose of joining the anti-Trump international chorus.  LPR's favorite le Carre novels were the wonderful "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold," and the marvelous "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" that, as six-part BBC series, was far superior to the later movie version.  LPR marked le Carre's passing with the purchase of his "A Delicate Truth."   LPR plans also to purchase Smiley's People.  How can one not imagine George Smiley as Sir Alec Guinness?

A Most Despicable Political Cartoon

The Washington Post, December 20, published a cartoon titled, "All the Republican Rats," that depicted as rats the GOP congressman who joined the litigation before the Supreme Court to challenge the allegedly wrongful election procedures that denied President Trump's re-election.  Incredibly, aping its anti-Trump propaganda broadsheet in New York, the Post asserted, atop the cartoon, that by going to the Supreme Court for redress, President Trump was trying "to subvert the Constitution and stay in office."  This from a propaganda sheet that sought to subvert the Constitution by driving President Trump from office from the day of his inauguration.

The Anti-Trump Mendacity Continues, of Course, at The New York Pravda

It has become terribly burdensome for LPR to read The Nw York Pravda. Consider its December 27 lead headline:  "Trump's Failed Crusade/ Debunks G.O.P.'s Case/ For Voting Restrictions"   The subhead asserted, "Over and Over Courts Find No Fraud, but Efforts to Limit Rights Persist."    In many cases, as LPR understands, it, courts found "no fraud" because they refused to get involved, to consider the merits of the arguments to be examined. The courts, LPR believes, have chosen to view Election-gate as a political, not legal, matter, to be resolved by the political machinery established under the Constitution.  It is an insult to the intelligence of the American people to accuse the president of subverting the Constitution.  Indeed, those assaulting the spirit of liberty are those who would silence Republicans for using either the legal or political process to cure the scandal of Election-gate.

LPR Calls for a Petition of Millions in Defense of Liberty

LPR herewith proposes Republican office-holders in Washington, D.C. to draft a petition to be signed via email, by millions of Trump voters in defense of fair and honest elections which are the sine qua non of liberty.  How can a people be free if they are denied their right to honest and fair elections?  Fraudulent elections are no more conducive to liberty than are trials where the blindfold is stripped from Justice, and her scales tilted to the left.  

The January 5th Senate races in Georgia

LPR has received no answer from Senate Joe Manchin to its note asking the senator if he will vote with Republicans on key issues should the Democrats "win" the two races for the U.S. Senate in Georgia.  LPR takes this silence to indicate that Manchin would not join with the GOP to oppose radical leftist measures, including packing the Supreme Court.  To protect our legacy of liberty by keeping their Senate majority,  it is imperative that Republicans win at least one of the George races.   But what if Democrats extend Election-gate to gain a Senate tie, empowering Kamala Harris to cast deciding votes? What is to prevent Democrats, again, from  blocking  Republican observers from the ballot-counting? What if Democrats again halt the counting in the middle of the night, waiting for the delivery of irregular ballots to throw the elections to Ossoff and Warnock?  What if the media again tries to persuade the American people to accept an illegitimate "result" and move on?  What if the left continues to undermine the Constitution?  

The attack on Republican voters has begun

The media's anti-liberty propaganda is too forbidding to take in, except in very small doses.  Consider Frank Bruni in The New York Pravda, December 27.  Noting that some 70 percent of Republican voters question the legitimacy of Election-gate, Bruni asks how Biden can extend an olive branch, or act decently,  "[t]o this crew."   LPR would respond, only a fool among GOP voters would expect the perpetrators of Election-gate to act honorably towards her.   For the radical left -- that is, for those who control Biden, dissent is a hate crime, not an expression of a free individual. 

President Trump's Pardons and Commutations

LPR congratulates the president for pardoning  individuals persecuted by the anti-Trump Mueller investigation.  LPR also congratulates President Trump for commuting the prison terms of great length, amounting to life sentence, for individuals who rejected plea bargains providing far shorter sentence and chose to go to trial.  LPR is proud to say that its very dear friends, Howard and Debbie Jonas, are among those working to change the system of punishing citizens by obtaining sentences ten times the length of the sentences offered in return for guilty pleas.   What is the fairness of a system that compels  a person, believing  she is innocent, to accept imprisonment of eight years via plea bargain,  lest she gets hammered, after trial, with a sentence of 85 years? The huge legal cost defending oneself in federal court is also to be considered as collateral inducement to cave to a plea bargain.

The Real Climate Change

Within a week, last month, New York City experienced a snowstorm of several inches, followed, a few days later, by a day of 60 degree weather and rain, followed by a day of below-freezing cold.   LPR infers that the Almighty is signaling that "climate change" is far beyond the power of mere mortals to affect. 

Peter Allen versus an Imitation Peter Allen

The appearance of Hugh Jackman as Prof. Harold Hill, in the Covid-19 deferred revival of The Music Man, calls to mind Jackman's wonderful impersonation of his fellow Aussie, the late Peter Allen, in The Boy From Oz. LPR has reason to know that there are those who believe Jackman's impersonation of the great Peter Allen makes for a better Peter Allen than Allen, himself.   (LPR would like to see Jackman as P.T. Barnum in a revival of "Barnum," a role originated by the marvelous Jim Dale. Would Jackman prove better than Dale?)

How about THIS?

As the year 2020 began fading, Gallup reported, December 29, that President Trump has edged out former President Obama, as the most admired man, ending Obama's 12 year tun at the top.  Mike Pence, are you paying attention?

This link, LPR believes, is what Patriotism looks like:

(Peter Allen's "I Still Call Australia Home")