Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
The LPR Plan to Resolve the Political Situations in the U.S. and in Israel

July 19, 2022 --

At present, there seems no end to the leftist obsession with Donald J. Trump -- to wit: putting him in jail.

One may well wonder with reason that the Pelosi pursuit of the former president by means of her partisan select committee will not end until Mr Trump is indictment, convicted and imprisoned.

And, in Israel, there seems no end to the inability of the electorate to install a a government that will last more than a year or so.

The LPR Plan is intended to remove these sources of political tension both here and in the Jewish state.

First, rabbinical authorities in Israel will rule that Donald J. Trump, through his Jewish daughter Ivanka, qualifies as Jewish and, therefore is eligible for make aliyah to Israel. Immediately thereafter -- to preempt seizure of his passport by Secretary of State Blinken -- the former president will leave Mar - a - Lago for Caesarea, on the coast of Israel, not far from the home of former prime minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Next, the two former leaders will agree that Mr. Trump will replace Mr. Netanyahu as head of the Likud party. Given Mr. Trump's high standing among the Israel electorate, it is more likely than not, that he will lead Likud to win a significant majority in the Knesset, thereby resolving the country's political difficulties.

What will Pelosi, Biden and the rest of the anti-Trump cabal in Washington, D.C. do in response: demand the extradition of Israel's new prime minister, Donald J. Trump -- or Biden will sever relations with the Jewish state? Hardly.

With Mr. Trump as prime minister of Israel, with some 70 seats in his Knesset coalition, polls will indicate that U.S. voters see no point to continued pursuit by Pelosi, et al., of the new Israeli leader (whose Israel supporters will chant "Donald Trump, melech Yisroel" [Donald Trump, king of Israel]. The most telling indication of the less-heated atmosphere in U.S. politics will be the absence of daily attacks on Mr. Trump on the pages of The New York Times.

That is not to say, however, that the anti-Republican vitriol spewed by the left will decline significantly. Yes, the Republicans in Congress will gain House and Senate majorities, but GOP leaders will continue to be ineffective in responding to leftist propaganda. The Never Trump malcontents will continue to denounce the "racist base" in the GOP -- and, beginning as New Democrats, will soon be co-opted into the Democrat party as traditional totalitarians.

With the Democrats on course to resurrect the presidential fortunes of Sen. Bernard Sanders in 2024 (there will be no concern that he suffers cognitive decline), Victor David Hanson will call attention to the stable economy Israelis enjoy under the leadership of Prime Minister Trump, including gas prices that, in the U.S. would be under $2.99 a gallon.