Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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August 5, 2021 --

Tumulty Tries Too Hard

LPR has a hunch that, maybe with one exception, Washington Post columnists are required to write at least one hate-Trump column a week.  The July 27 opening of the Pelosi select committee to get Republicans, gave Karen Tumulty her peg for an anti-Trump column, July 28.  Unfortunately she was too blinded by hate to make sense.  And so, she wrote that House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy "attempted to stack [the Pelosi panel) with bombastic stuntmen such as [Ohio's] Rep. Jim Jordan...."  McCarthy could name only a minority of five to the committee of 13 originally, LPR believes,  reduced to 12.   How does one "stack" a committee with a mere minority?    In addition to  her bizarre assertion that "insurrection" happened at the Capitol, January 6, 2021, Tumulty derided "Trump's twisted version of that shameful day."   There goes Tumulty, projecting, as leftists generally do, their own misdeeds, follies and lies, onto others.

Milbank matches Tumulty in twisted political hate 

On the same Washington Post page that carried Tumulty's twisted taunts, Dana Milbank's column also maliciously asserted an "insurrection" occurred at the Capitol, "Jan. 6" perpetrated  by "terrorists who took up arms against the U.S. government".   And what did these "terrorists" use for "arms," -- fire extinguishers?

LPR has a hunch...

...that the two Capitol police officers and two Metropolitan policemen were called to testify because they hate Donald Trump as much as  do the members on the Pelosi anti-Trump/GOP panel. -- which, by the way, cannot be called "bipartisan" because of the presence of two Republican turncoats.

Milbank called Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana "one of the saboteurs House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy had tried to place" on Pelosi's Get the GOP panel.  Apparently, given their columns filled with wild, political hate speech, Trump Derangement Syndrome has become Republican Derangement Syndrome.  Pfizer, get started on a vaccine to immunize WaPo columnists against this political illness.

Here are LPR's suggestions for the name of the Pelosi political propaganda puppet panel

HUWAC -- House Un-Woke Activities Committee

CARP    -- Committee to Advance Radical Progressivism

CAPRICE -- Committee Against Proud Republicans in Congress and Elsewhere

While HUWAC is worth a groan as pun on the HUAC of yore, and CARP probably is  an accurate description of Pelosi's intention, LPR likes CAPRICE as encapsulating the style of government directed by a power-hungry official.