Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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August 5, 2021 --

Why didn't they pick "Spiders" for the name?

LPR spotted an online report, July 23,  that the Cleveland Indians are to be renamed "Guardians."   Why didn't the team revert to the name when Cleveland was in the National League, at the end of the 19th century:  Spiders? 


LPR read of the change with some bemusement as the July 19 posting included the suggestion that the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs change to Kansas City Elite. Next, what is MLB going to do about the Atlanta Braves? Keeping in line with the "Guardian" spirit, LPR suggests two possibilities for a new Atlanta name:  Watchdogs  -- or  --  Proxies.


LPR's 2021 Phony-Baloney Award goes to ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Please click this link: 


You will find an article revealing that this member of Congress who prevented Amazon from establishing a presence in Queens that would have been the source of so many jobs -- lives in a luxurious building in Washington, D.C., drives a fancy, expensive Tesla, (the electric car), and parks it illegally.  Who could be phonier than she, which is why the LPR 2021 Phony-Baloney award goes to her with five months left in 2021.  If she is re-elected to Congress 2022, it must be because her constituents want to be represented in Congress by a phoney-baloney.

LPR takes note of the Pravda writing-style of The New York Times

A demonstration of merely  a few hours at the Capitol is "an insurrection"    Leftist urban uprisings encompassing mob violence, with looting and arson and killing, are dismissed as "unrest."  The term "insurrection" is not permitted even when leftists occupy city centers for weeks on end, as happened in Seattle, including  attacks on a federal  courthouses and a police station. 


Isn't it time that media reports were accompanied by  subtitles to translate their leftist  Orwellian Newspeak into plain English?


The American Spirit of Liberty Remains Strong and Is Not Fooled by Pelosi and Her Ilk

Check out this link:


Breitbart reported August 4 that according to Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, 58% of those polled think the Pelosi "Jan. 6" panel is slanted in favor of the Democrats, and, according to poll co-director Mark Penn, the people prefer investigations into the 2020 summer riots and the origins of Covid-19 over the "Jan. 6"  hearings.