Saturday, June 22, 2024
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

LPR Requests, Respectfully, a Modest Amount of Government Funds

December 19, 2014 --

In view of the streams of dollars that flowed to Jonathan Gruber to promote the Affordable Care Act and noting, more recently, that psychologists for the Central Intelligence Agency got $81 million for their advice how to get information from captured terrorists, Lonely Pamphleteer Review asks the federal government for a modest amount of dollars -- say, $10 million -- to support LPR in its commitment to make the American people aware that the advice in The Federalist Papers remains relevant to 20145, 2015 and the years thereafter.

LPR believes this sum is a bargain unless, of course, government intends to suppress the wisdom in The Federalist Papers for unconstitutional purpose.

Among other things, this support would enable Lonely Pamphleteer Review to cite, regularly, James Madison for the view that erosion of separation of powers leads to tyranny and to cite Madison, further, for his belief that the "power over the purse" given to the House of Representatives would keep the Senate and President in check.

The corollary to the last point is that Madison would not have been concerned, in any measure, that the "power over the purse" would give the left ammunition to shout "government shutdown, government shutdown, government shutdown."