Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
A Special Edition of
Lonely Pamphleteer Review

October 19, 2022 --

For a change of pace these few weeks till the midterm elections, LPR offers visitors music links ranging from Olympic themes to Broadway medleys to the great operatic voices of Robert Merrill and Richard Tucker.

This is not to avoid the looming problem of Biden and his Armageddon-gate, or the economic squeeze of ordinary Americans by the elitist Stalinists, or the execrable corruption tolerated by our figurehead president whose favorite term is apparently a vulgar, vicious expletive. LPR has decided, however, to take a break from trying to exhort the deer-in-the-headlights Republicans to stand tall against Garland and his ilk, from continuing to be puzzled why the former president seems to have a penchant for getting close to people ready to stab him in the back.

During Watergate days, I took my mother, Annie Zukerman, to a Boston Pops concert at Carnegie Hall and wondered why the wonderful spirit of America represented by Arthur Fiedler and his magnificent Boston Pops orchestra couldn't chase away the clouds of vicious partisanship of the mid-70's. Today, the spirit of America is threatened by a far more rabid, zealous foe, a foe ready to traduce our system of justice, fair play, decency, congressional norms, to destroy MAGA patriots and impose one-party Stalinist government on the country.

LPR has decided that this is a good a time to pause and give its visitors music that just may exhilarate the soul; the conduct of our public representatives -- the unscrupulous zealots and their passive, ineffectual counterparts -- can scarcely be considered a source of optimism that the country will ever get on the right track, literally and figuratively.

But visitors to this site who click the links nearby just may gain the inspiration -- and the strength -- to assert the self for the good of all. -- of all, not those who demand that the citizenry at large sacrifice to maintain them in irresponsible luxury.

With the revival of the spirit of America in mind, listen, please, to the musical selections provided by this special edition of LPR.