Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

A Thought from LPR

March 5, 2017 --

If The New York Times were truly committed to the free flow of ideas and was not a doctrinaire organ of leftist propaganda, it would include other voices on its op-ed page, voices like Prof. Stephen F. Cohen on Russia, Victor Davis Hanson on political affairs.

By the way – The Times ignored the very strong statement of support for Israel delivered by U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley at her first press conference, February 16.

Apparently at The Times, strong statements of support for the Jewish state from the Trump administration are not fit to print.

(And how is this for political irony? Ambassador Haley gave that statement one year to the day, February 16, 2016 when she indicated her opposition to the presidential candidacy of…Donald J. Trump.)