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LPR Updates

January 11, 2010 --

Con Ed and Verizon ...

This writer is now without power or phone for more than three months -- and thanks the clicksters who have expressed support for this campaign to bring "good will" back to these utilities. Recently, LPR heard a report that four million people have had their power cut off because of inability to pay. Well, they can't blame US for endangering the environment.

(And there is something to be said for evenings by candlelight and no interruption from a jarring phone. Be prepared, however, to lose quarters in payphones from time to time.)

...and Gov. Paterson

A few weeks ago, this writer got a sympathetic response from the state tax collection office, in response to his November 9 letter to New York Governor David Paterson. No indication that Albany accepts LPR's argument that added charges imposed on people unable to meet bills are simply punitive, no more, no less.

December 20, LPR heard the governor say, on a Sunday morning TV talk show that the New York state is in the midst of an economic crisis.

Uh, governor, what about the people? Indeed, if the people were not squeezed every which way, perhaps the state treasury would not be empty.

Has anyone noticed that Haagen Daz no longer sells icre cream by the pint, but by 14 oz? What shall this be known us -- the unpint? And dry cereal -- at nearly $5 a box?

Hey, Ben Bernanke, where are you? Wait. Sorry. Forgot you follow your predecessor in striving to prop up the stock market and to heck with anything else.