Thursday, February 27, 2020
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

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February 12, 2019 --

On Principled Realism:

Speaking about the Middle East where the president said, with respect to Iraq and Afghanistan our military has been fighting nearly 19 years, losing almost 7,000 troops, more than 52,000 severely wounded, and at a cost of more than $7 trillion, Mr. Trump said, "Our approach is based on principled realism --- not discredited theories that have failed for decades to yield progress. For this reason, my Administration recognized the capital of Israel-- and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem." This precedent might be kept in mind when President Trump appears to challenge the "experts."

This is the view of a leader confident to discard conventional wisdom. Apparently "experts" had counseled that such recognition would provoke anti-U.S. and anti-Israel violence.

On Iran and anti-Semitism:

"We will not avert our eyes from a regime than chants death to America and threatens genocide against the Jewish people. We mus never ignore the vile poison of anti-Semitism, or those who spread its venomous creed. With one voice we must confront this hatred anywhere and everywhere it occurs."

Avoiding War?

Declaring a "bold new diplomacy," President Trump added to his prepared remarks the news that he will meet North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un in Vietnam, February 27 and 27 and expressed his view that had he not been elected president "we would right now be in a major war with North Korea."

What Unity?

LPR expects that the anti-Trump resistance will continue for the remainder of the president's first term, and would not be surprised if the left (Democrats and media) continue to look for ways and means to cur should this presidency. One hears on talk radio, however, concern whether Republicans will stand with President Trump against "the resistance."

The Trump Mindset

"Under my Administration, we will never apologize for advancing America's interests." (From the State of the Union address.)

Just wondering

In his State of the Union address, President Trump took note of "our obligation to the millions of immigrants where today, who followed the rules and respected our laws." He went on to say, "Legal immigrants enrich our Nation and strengthen our society in countless ways." Where is the poll of the views of legal immigrants on illegal immigration?