Tuesday, March 02, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Report on LPR Visits through 6/16

June 19, 2020 --

China leads in visits, with more than 3,000. The U.S is only second with 511 and Ukraine is third with 100 visits.  LPR hopes that the people of Ukraine will circulate the idea that President Zelensky calls on President Trump to broker a multilateral peace plan involving Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela and the U.S. 

This plan would have Russia withdraw from Venezuela and end its support for Ukraine separatists in Donbass.  President Maduro would step down in Caracas. The U.S. would get NATO to pull back from the borders of Russia. The parties to this agreement would normalize relations, including the return of Russia to a reconstituted G8. LPR calls on populist conservatives in the U.S to tell family, friends and neighbors about LPR, to increase U.S. visits which remains disappointingly low. 

LPR believes a significant increase in U.S. visits will demonstrate continued support for President Trump's campaign to drain the swamp, which would include putting foreign policy in the hands of the president, where it belongs, and away from the deep state that wants to maintain tensions with Russia. 

LPR also has a hunch that the deep state would like the Chazniks in Seattle to become a second Maidan, with the aim, certainly, of driving President Trump from office as the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine forced President Yanukovych into exile.