Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The left -- as usual-- up to no good

January 19, 2021 --

What will the left do after Potus leaves office?  They need hatred of him to stick together, I think.  That explains Rep. Clyburn's call to carry over the trial on impeachment to the spring, if not later, seems to me.  Imagine how at sea they would me if they didn't have Trump to kick around.  What would Times and Wapo columnists and editorialists write about? Open borders? Climate control? Wetlands? Gun Control? Nato? The two-state solution?   Hardly the stuff of circulation-boosters.

The left will keep after Potus the way Big Brother kept after Goldstein; Stalin after Trotsky.  They will hound him until he passes on -- and probably won't be convinced of his death.  In any event, they would hound him in his grave and, certainly, anyone who they consider a Trumpist.  A friend told me that his son's yeshiva held teacher-led discussions on the Capitol Hill January 6 matter soon after it was reported.  What next for this school and many others: sessions of the two-minutes hate, for Trump?

It is not surprising to learn of calls for the expulsion from House or Senate of any member expressing concern about election mischief, November 3 and thereafter.  I admit, however, to being jarred by the report that Harvad dismissed Rep. Stefanik from her (ceremonial?) role at the university's Kennedy School.

The dean who cut Rep. Stefanik's ties to Harvard should be asked:  what individual, group, academic institution, or corporation was silenced or boycotted by Trump sympathizers?   For all the false allegations of Trumpian authoritarianism, who had his First Amendment rights torn up as Pelosi tore up her copy of the last Trump State of the Union address.  The smears hurled against President Trump by the left reflected the grossest dissembling or, perhaps, the paranoia of irrational minds.

Behold the left's current slogan:   The Biggest Lie is Truth, Repression is Rail-guarding Against Hate Speech, Democracy is One Party Rule.

Until now, the world of 1984 was just a writer's analogy into Stalinism. It is time for free Americans to use patriotism as bonding cement against the enemies of the Founding Fathers.