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Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Some LPR Questions and Answers on Leftism and Leftists

April 19, 2013 --

Q. Does Leftism tolerate free speech?

A. Not exactly. Leftists recognize the right of all individuals to agree with Leftist views. This recognition, however, does not extend to defending to the death the right of all individuals to agree with leftist policies. Leftists, after all, base their policies on concern for protecting human life.

Q. Does Leftism seek to improve living conditions for the middle class?

A. Not exactly. Leftists seek to remove from society the stain of class distinctions and, therefore, seek to eliminate class divisions, with the proviso that Leftist activists stand above the classless society, the better to be able to monitor the advancement of this society.

Q. Are Leftists opposed to capitalism?

A. Leftists tend to be opposed to capitalism. They are not, howver, opposed to accumulating great wealth for themselves.

Q. Do Leftists believe in The Almighty?

A. Leftists believe in the power of humanity to alter the environment. Leftism was first manifested on the planet when plans were drawn up to construct an immense tower so that humanity could confront The Almighty, if The Almighty did exist. If Leftists believed in The Almighty, they would have extended their concerns about saving human lives to saving human souls. LPR thanks God that the Left's interest in protecting lives does not extend to saving souls.

Q. What is the secret of the resurgence of Leftism in the United States?

A. Leftists have the unique capacity, as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall pointed out in an 1824 opinion, to "so entangle and perplex the understanding as to obscure principles, which were before thought quite plain, and induce doubts where, if the mind were to pursue its own course, none would be perceived." Leftism has achieved a breakthrough in the ability of humans to reason; it has turned the process of rational thought on its head per this formula -- conclusion first, facts to follow. The Left's success in perplexing understanding varies in direct proportion with the inability of the Right to perceive principles "thought quite plain" before the Left obscured these principles.