Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Now, Ms. McDaniel, provide us with an accounting as to how donations to the RNC are dispersed.

Now, Ms. McDaniel, provide us with an accounting as to how donations to the RNC are dispersed.

February 5, 2023 --

Ronna McDaniel was re-elected chair of the Republican National Committee, January 27, at a "luxury" California resort according to a report by AP carried online by The Washington Times. Here is the pertinent part of that AP story:

"McDaniel, whom Donald Trump tapped as RNC chair in 2016, won the secret ballot vote 111 to 51. The high-profile election played out inside a luxury resort on the Southern California coast as the RNC’s 168 voting members – activists and elected officials from all 50 states – gathered for the committee’s annual winter meeting."

My problems with Chairperson McDaniel have been that every acknowledgement of a (modest) contribution to the RNC has contained a request for more money. In addition, ideas on policy and p.r. sent to Ms. McDaniel are never answered -- not even a form reply, which is just as well as any answer to my e-mails would likely contain just a plea for more money.

The report that the vote for RNC chair was held at a "luxury report on the Southern California coast" suggests to LPR that contributions go, in considerable sums, for RNC perks, not to Make America Great Again." Note that phrase: It does not state"Make the Lives of RNC staffers a Hoot."

This retired 82-year old MAGA patriot on Social Security, no pension, now requires an accounting of RNC income and disbursements (including salaries and expense monies of the chair and her executives) before he will send another envelope with a rectangular piece of paper inside. I

If this request is not answered to my satisfaction, please keep your pins, calendars, certificates of commendation and plastic membership cards. Why? Because they are obviously not sincerely bestowed.

Yours for MAGA and the Conservative Populism (set forth in Federalist No. 57) on which it is based,

- David R. Zukerman