Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Merrick Garland v. The Constitution

January 19, 2022 --

Attorney General Garland  marked January 5 2022 as occasion to declare that the Justice Department's hunt for  for  "all January 6th perpetrators"  will continue, thereby undermining his assurance that his department will not play politics with this issue.  Of course, Garland is playing politics with January 6th.  This attorney general who denies civil liberties norms for anyone he  can snare in BIden's anti-democracy net, departed from the "Jan. 6" issue to engage in domestic politics by calling, in effect, for the federalization of state election laws, which, of course, is contrary to the Constitution. 

Here is the part of Garland's January 5, 2022 remarks that indicate his Justice Department has entered into the "political thicket" to maintain leftist hegemony over America for years to come:

In recent years,... the protections of the Voting Rights Act have been drastically weakened. 

The Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in the Shelby County case effectively eliminated the preclearance protections of Section 5, which had been the department’s most effective tool for protecting voting rights over the past half-century. Subsequent decisions have substantially narrowed the reach of Section 2 as well.

Since those decisions, there has been a dramatic increase in legislative enactments that make it harder for millions of eligible voters to vote and to elect representatives of their own choosing. 

Those enactments range from: practices and procedures that make voting more difficult; to redistricting maps drawn to disadvantage both minorities and citizens of opposing political parties; to abnormal post-election audits that put the integrity of the voting process at risk; to changes in voting administration meant to diminish the authority of locally elected or nonpartisan election administrators. 

Some have even suggested permitting state legislators to set aside the choice of the voters themselves.

As I noted in an address to the Civil Rights Division last June, many of those enactments have been justified by unfounded claims of material vote fraud in the 2020 election....