Monday, August 03, 2020
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The War on The Middle Class

November 15, 2013 --

Leftists and the national leaders of the Republican Party have declared war on the middle class. The outcome of this war will determine whether the spirit of liberty in America survives. This spirit will not survive economic-cleansing in the United States.

Economic-cleansing is, certainly, the aim of the war on the middle class. Such "cleansing," after all, succeeded in the former Soviet Union under Stalin the Tyrant. Curiously, influential elements in the United States never denounced Stalin as a tyrant and the heirs to the soft-on Stalin crowd are intent, now, on transforming the United States from a democratic republic to a totalitarian state.

What is the aim of the leftists joined by national Republicans? To maintain hegemony as a "one-percent ruling class." Totalitarian regimes, as their feudal predecessors in olden times, consist of a one-percent ruling class and the subservient masses. There was no middle class in feudal days. There was no middle class under the evil Stalin. There will be no middle class in the United States if the left, backed by national Republicans, has its way. What there will be is one percent of the population loyal to the Transformer and the subservient masses.

The national Republicans made clear their support for the war on the middle class when they begain attacking the Tea Party, Tea Party candidates, and Tea Paty voices in the Republican Party.

Demonization of the Tea Party is consistent with the Leninist tradition of denouncing one's political adversaries and denigrating dissenting voices as enemies of society. Let this be clearly understood: demonization of one's political opponents is contrary, indeed abhorrent, to the spirit of freedom in America bequeathed to us by the founding generation.

Demonization, however, is the hallmark of a totalitarian regime. And let this, too, be clear: any Republican who traduces the Tea Party, Tea Party candidates, and Tea Party spokesmen in the Republican Party traduces the Constitution and our founding generation.

Irony of ironies. The twenty-five years that have elapsed since the fall of the Berlin Wall have not witnessed the blossoming of liberty in the United States. Quite the contrary. The concept of government in the United States has been transformed, the past twenty-five years, into the notion of government of, by and for the insiders. Is it any wonder that a one percent with close ties to government prospers, while the middle class withers away?

Perhaps the middle class, with God's help and the morale backing of our founding generation, will yet defend itself and maintain the American spirit of freedom. But at this point in American history, LPR would only ask the Transformers that, should they gain election to public office, they dispense with taking an oath to support the Constitution they do not honor and, indeed, intend to ignore.