Friday, March 05, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

A pardon for Mike Flynn

July 19, 2020 --

New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick, July 3, wrote a column about the impact of "Black Lives Matter" in the sports world. About halfway through, the thought occurred to LPR:  not all black lives matter.

But Mushnick had anticipated that. The column ended, in part, "Not all black lives matter.... " A few days later, I sent a further thought to the Post columnist, "Some black lives matter if they can help the anti-Trump resistance."

The Wall Street Journal reacted, in an editorial, to the move by the full D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, to consider the three panel-member decision to order dismissal of the Michael Flynn case by calling on the president to pardon his former national security adviser. 

LPR responded to the editorial with the following letter to the Journal:

What if, of late, a pardon for this former lieutenant general is what the deep state has been angling for, the better to propagandize further President Trump as an authoritarian who tramples on the rule of law?   This is clearly not the case, but there are millions out there who remain disposed to believing the worst of our forty-fifth president who has been battling the lies of the fetid swamp since well before the eighth of November, 2016.

Consider a prior, even more egregious, miscarriage of justice involving a military figure -- in France at the turn of the 19th century and on into the first decade of the twentieth: the ordeal of Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, framed for treason. 

Eventually, after being released from prison, he obtained the exoneration he demanded, handed down by the French Supreme Court, without further referral back to the lower court. 

Why not wait and see what the District of Columbia appellate court will do, before grabbing the bait that may have been placed as lure for continued collateral attack on the president?
Perhaps the appellate court will surprise us and hold that the dismissal sought by the government and Flynn did not require leave from Judge Sullivan, and order an end of the matter.

Should the appellate court decide that dismissal requires leave from Judge Sullivan, why shouldn't Flynn then seek corrective action from the Supreme Court? Let the four liberal  justices dare dissent in  a 5-4 ruling ordering dismissal, to make perfectly clear that this legal matter, from the lies of the Obama administration that brought this action, to the travesty of the judicial process that the case has come to represent, is evidence that it is the Democratic Party that, in power, regularly traduces the rule of law in our federal courts.

The American people need to see how rotten our judicial system has been -- and will be -- with a Democrat in the White House.

Besides, a presidential pardon is always available as a last resort if the federal courts refuse to honor  the rule of law and exonerate this honorable, former three-star general and national security adviser to the president.   (This observation, of course, expects that, should the case reach the U.S. Supreme Court, the chief justice will be part of the majority ordering dismissal.)

David R. Zukerman, prop.
Lonely Pamphleteer Review
Bronx, N.Y.