Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
November 8, 2022: The Most Vital Election Day of the 21st Century

November 5, 2022 --

Here is a question Republicans should be asking voters this election year: Do the Democrats, by their attacks on people who express concerns about the 2020 election and support the Dobbs reversal of Roe V. Wade, effectively fight inflation and improve the economy?

Of course not. How can the Democrats expect to hold power in Congress by ignoring every-day realities, falling back on denouncing Donald J. Trump and the John and Jane Does of the country? Show LPR a leftist who spits insults at Republicans and I will show you someone whose wealth protects him and her from inflation, and a bad economy.

Alas, the problem for us John and Jane Does is not political and social ignorance. The problem is getting Republican officeholders to stand up to the Stalinists -- the real threat to liberty in America. The silence of the GOP in the face of vicious and false attack by the left goes back at least to the days after November 8, 1994 -- the election day that gave House Republicans a 54-seat majority, the first Republican House majority since 1954. LPR called the office of House Speaker Newt Gingrich to urge him to respond to the Democrats and was told he was too busy with his Contract With America. Next, LPR called the Republican National Committee to urge counterattacks, and was told there was no money to answer the Democrats. Two years alter, Democrat-demagogy against Newt resulted in a finding that he had committed ethics violations -- and by January 1999, after the GOP lost a few House seats (but still held the majority), Newt left Congress.

A more recent example of the Republicans of silence: In 2017 the GOP held a majority of 47 seats in the House, yet could not prevent the Democrats from engineering the phony Mueller investigation of President Trump that prevented him, among other things, from solving the mess in Ukraine created by the Obama administration, a mess that has only been made worse since Mr. Trump left office. Why didn't the Republicans speak out against the anti-Trump Resistance in 2017?

Should Republicans win majorities in House and Senate, November 8, 2022, they must not repeat the mistakes that followed the great GOP victory of 11/8/94 -- when John H. Greeter of Tennessee was quoted in The New York Times, November 15, 1994, as saying that the GOP was now "the party of the people." LPR has tried to exhort various Republican members of Congress to defend themselves against leftist attack. After all, how can the people expect the GOP members to defend the country against a rogue Congressional committee and a secret police-like FBI, if they don't defend themselves? For all LPR knows, its emails are deleted in the offices of Republican members of Congress on receipt.

Therefore, LPR is going to make one suggestion -- and let its visitors enjoy the music links on this LPR posting: The House Republican Conference must appoint Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene to a senior post in the leadership.. LPR is convinced that MTG will make sure the GOP does not buckle under the expected withering attack from the Stalinists if Republicans regain their majority in the House. If necessary, House Republicans should create a Truth in Politics Task Force to respond immediately to the lying Democrat demagogues -- with Rep. Taylor-Greene the task force director.

Remember what Hamilton in Federalist No. 1 said of politicians who pander to the people: they start out as demagogues -- and end up as tyrants. MTG's is an eloquent voice that will prevent tyranny in America and further the MAGA cause.