Thursday, February 27, 2020
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

A Reaction to the
Mueller Report Aftermath

April 5, 2019 --

David Brooks, in his March 26 column on the Mueller report finding no evidence of collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, advised Democrats to "approach this moment with an attitude of humility and honest self-examination." He continued, "It's clear that many Democrats made grievous accusations against the president that are no supported by the evidence." The Trump Resistance has never needed evidence; it has conducted a propaganda campaign that seems to insist that the evidence is in the accusation. Consider the Farhad Manjoo column in The New York Times, March 27: "the simple truth that Mr. Trump really had won was too terrible to bear." He added, "The ease with which a racist, misogynist , serial con man had slipped past every gatekeeper in American life suggested something deeply sick at the core of our society."

The evidence for such allegations directed at President Trump and conservatives, by the left, is no more evident than the allegations of collusion with Russia. The left is apparently relying on sheer repetition of falsehoods to convince the people that the president is, indeed, unfit for the presidency. At this point. some 19 moths before the 2020 election, news reports, March 28, indicated that the propaganda campaign of the anti-Trump Resistance may well succeed. A poll was cited to the effect that 53 percent of voters say that they will not vote for the re-election of President Trump. The poll is silent, however as to the likely Trump opponent. Would the voters really vote for a Democrat beholden to socialist image apparently favored by most of the Democratic field. Do the American people at large want to cave in to the left's demand to transform the culture in a way that stifles the individual?

The answer depends on the conduct of conservatives. Will Republicans stand with President Trump to resist the left's war on free enterprise, and affirmatively respond to attack from the left, or will the GOP continue, in the main, to left President Trump defend himself. Thus far, President Trump is hated by the left, in considerable measure, because he responds to attack, rather than surrendering. As the French adage puts it: "This animal is dangerous; it defends itself when attacked. For all the cries denouncing the president for his attacks,those attacks, generally, are in reply to "fake news allegations" levied against him. Conservatives must get off the sidelines and onto field to join the president in rebuffing the left's campaign against liberty-loving America.

President Trump is dangerous, to the left because he believes that government should serve the common good and be sympathetic to the people, not lord over the people. Rather than look for evidence of collusion between the president and the Russians, the left might have considered the impact of the derision held by the left, under Hillary Rodham Clinton, for those they regard as "deplorables." The left won huge victories in California and New York because Republicans have surrendered these states to leftist hegemony. If the GOP had an active presence in California and New York, those states, too, would have been political battlegrounds and not the source of Clinton's leading margin in the popular vote.

A lawsuit (1:18-cv-03501) filed by the Democratic National Committee against Russia, the Trump campaign and others, including Julian Assange and Wikileaks, asserts, in part, "The common purpose of the Defendants' conspiracy was to secure Trump's grip on the Presidency through illegal means." The complaint continues, that after winning the presidency in 2016, "Defendants worked toward their mutual goal of keeping Trump in power th[r]ough 2024 by covering up their collusion and committing cybercrimes against Democrats who opposed Trump's agenda." A google search March 28 indicates that the lawsuit , filed April 20 2018, is still ongoing.

Ted Koppel, former moderator of ABC's Nightline , recently told an audience at the Carnegie Endowment that The New York Times and The Washington Post (among other newspapers) do not cover the Trump administration objectively, but report on a premise that this president is bad for the country. Fact-checking -- with reference to economic news, to foreign affairs -- would disclose that the nation is indeed on the rebound. But for the establishment, the fiction of fake news takes precedence over objective truth.

LPR believes that the establishment regarded the Trump campaign as a threat to its grip on national affairs and sought ways and means to prevent his election. Once its plans were stymied, the establishment resolved to drive him from office. In remarks made after Attorney General William Barr let it be known that the report of Special Counsel Mueller found no evidence of collusion, President Trump suggested that not many could have withstood the pressure to which he had been subjected. LPR thinks the President was here simply telling it like it is, and not being boastful.

David Brooks, in his March 26 column, wrote, "It's clear that people like Beto O'Rourke and John Brennan owe Donald Trump a public apology. If you call someone a traitor and its turns out you lacked evidence for that charge, then the only decent thing to do is apologize." But the opposition to President Trump is based on narrow self-interest, not decency. Apologies will not be forthcoming.If the opposition prevails in 2020, misery for most is sure to follow. The zeal of the left is based on desperation. This desperation will become more clear as the nation proceeds to the next election cycle. LPR agrees that the Mueller Report should be made public, although such transparency is not likely to satisfy the anti-Trump Resistance.