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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
A False Accusation From Sen. Chris Murphy (D.-Ct.)

A False Accusation From Sen. Chris Murphy (D.-Ct.)

June 5, 2023 --

Sen. Murphy, a few days ago, falsely accused Republicans of being "addicted to chaos."


This is an obvious case of projection, because in December 2013, joining Sen. John McCain, Sen, Murphy encouraged the chaotic Maiden uprising in Kyiv, Ukraine, an uprising that, two months later, forced Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych to flee his country, setting of the turmoil that now ungulfs that devastated land. And that was not enough for the trouble-making Democrat from Connecticut. Meeting with President Zelensky in Ukraine, September 2019, Murphy warned Zelensky not to deal with President Trump. In short -- Murphy told Zelensky not to communicate with lawful authority in America LPR calls that undermining the legitimate president of the United States. Not very sporting, to say the least. But then, hasn't it been said of Democrats that they should never let a crisis go to waste? Chaos, too?