Saturday, September 30, 2023
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
It Seems the Brits Appreciate American Music More Than, Well, America

February 5, 2023 --


In asking Terri Fassio, the best webmaster on the planet, to post this link, LPR's purpose was to make its visitors aware of how much devoted the people of the U.K., rather than their American cousins to "You'll Never Walk Alone." Indeed, the U.K. seems to have adopted this song as unofficial anthem,

By chance, LPR unearthed a rendition of this wonderful Rodgers & Hammerstein song (from "Carousel") vocalized by contestant Alison Jiear, during the Britain's Got Talent competition in 2015.

Ms. Jiear is not to be compared to the Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent competition six years before. It is fair to say that the marvelous talent of Ms. Boyle had been totally unrecognized until she stepped before the BGT panel and audience.

A quick glance at the Wikipedia entry for Alison Jiear notes that she appeared in the 2012 Les Miserables film -- three years before her BGT appearance. Clearly, Ms. Jiear, for all her claims to being just a backup singer, had been accorded recognition as a professional singer; Ms. Boyle prior to BGT lacked any such recognition.

Moreover, LPR was struck by a comment directed by Simon Cowell to the audience, after Ms.Jiear's BGT performance. This was the first time LPR heard Mr. Cowell compliment the audience for the ovation it accorded Ms. Jiear.

He had, six years earlier, given high compliments to Ms. Boyle for her singing of "I Dreamed a Dream," from Les Mis -- but, although the Boyle audience was no less enthusiastic than the Jiear audience for her audition, Mr. Cowell did not thank, specifically, the Jiear audience for their response to her singing.

(Note, however, that David Walliams -- who should be returned as BGT panelist -- told Ms. Jliear, six years after the Boyle audition, that hers was the best song audition in his years as a BGT judge.)

BTW-- just fyi -- here is the wonderful Susan Boyle in a studio-based performance of "You'll Never Walk Alone." The patriots of the MAGA conservative populist movement should ask the U.K., as Greece asks the U.K. on the matter of the Elgin Marbles, "Return our song"!