Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Will the Media Mark July 4, 2026
as "U.S. Nakba Day"?

June 19, 2023 --

Now we know, by way of the Durham Report, that allegations of "Russia collusion," even prior to the start of the Trump presidency, were despicable lies. We also know that, by way of Mike Morrrell, allegations of "Russian disinformation" were falsely ascribed to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to prevent the re-election of President Trump in 2020.

In short, the falsehoods of "Russia collusion" and "Russia disinformation" were the bad acts of despicable leftists in the FBI and intel community. Accordingly, Republicans in Congress should end their supine acceptance of leftist propaganda intended to reduce, further, the Russia polity -- and, certainly, to prevent the Trump second term that should have commenced on January 20, 2021.

It should be apparent to anyone other than the senescent that loathing for Donald J. Trump and a hate-Russia policy come hand-in-hand for neo-totalitarians longing for the return of Stalinism to Russia, and extending to these shores.

The above thoughts were crystallized by yet another cringe-worthy column in The New York Times, this from Michelle Cottle, June 5, that is mind-boggling in its abyssal (cq -- not abysmal, what is an abysm?) nature. The title of the column in the print edition of the Times is a. distortion. "Trump Want's to Party Like It's 1776."


The online title is, however, accurate: "Donald Trump Wants to Throw America a 'Most Spectacular' Party." And what is wrong marking our 250th anniversary as a sovereign nation with a spectacular celebration, from Memorial Day, 2025 to to the Fourth of July, 2026? (Nothing more than moving back the start of the celebration to April 19, 2025, the 250th anniversary of the Battles of Concord and Lexington, generally given as the opening date for The Revolution)

Only an America-loathing columnist could write the following of Mr. Trump's idea for a Beyond Gala celebration of our nation's 250th birthday:

"Even as Mr. Trump hawks the project as an opportunity for national uplift, he has woven in themes and language seemingly designed to provoke discord." By this term, "discord," Ms. Cottle is obviously providing a subliminal reference to the baseless charge of "Russia collusion" -- a false term quickly followed by charges that Russia sowed "chaos and discord" throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. For dissembling columnists like Cottle, "truth" is nothing more than bearing false witness.

She chides Mr.. Trump for having failed, among other things, to "drain the swamp." But with the federal bureaucracy in the hands of The Resistance (which, more precisely, should have been known as The Insurrection) intent from Day One in overturning his election, it is a wonder that his domestic and foreign policies succeeded to any degree.

The depth of Cottle's bad faith is indicated by this sentence in her concluding paragraph: "Here's hoping someone somehow succeeds and manages to short-circuit the former president's grandiose party planning." That should be tip-off that the insurrectionary forces on the left will conspire to short-circuit a second Trump term as president. And how would they mark July 4, 2026? Probably as "U.S. Nakba [Catastrophe] Day."