Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The New York Pravda Times

June 19, 2021 --

Behold The New York Pravda Times

The June 8 edition of The New York Times (really now The New York Pravda Times) was filled with articles denouncing s falsehoods any suggestion that the 2020 presidential election was NOT on the up and up.   

The Times is really protesting much to much.   

LPR also noticed a Times news story on the Democrats move to put an end to the filibuster, indicating that a 51 - 49 vote, instead of a 60 -- 40 Senate vote (as needed to break a filibuster) would reflect widespread popular support. How the mighty Times has fallen from honest, objective journalism into the pit of pathetic, petty, partisan, propaganda.

More on The New York Pravda Times

The N.Y. Pravda Times continues to misrepresent the facts about the landlord-tenant dispute in East Jerusalem.  A propaganda story (it has become an oxymoron to say "news story" about reports in the Pravda Times), June 9, falsely claimed this was a matter of expulsion of Palestinians in favor of "Israeli settlers."   That is a HUGE lie.  The lawsuit is about Palestinian tenants refusing to pay rent to the Israeli landlord.

What next at the Pravda Times?  All refusals by tenants to pay the rent due will be called "expulsions" in favor of white nationalists?

LPR's Show Cause Order to The New York Times-Pravda

This is to demand that The New York Times-Pravda show cause why readers should not conclude that the paper issues a Big Lie every time  it cries "baseless" whenever anyone charges  that the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud. After all, so many of the paper's attacks on Donald Trump have, themselves, been shown to be baseless, including Russia-gate, Photo Op-gate, and, most egregious of all, the Big Lie that Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed after being struck by pro-Trumpers at the Capitol, January 6, when the truth is that the Times-Pravda should have ascertained that he died after suffering two strokes.

Consequent to Rutenberg's rules for fake news, promulgated in the Times-Pravda, August 7, 2016, in covering Mr. Trump and conservatives, the paper has done away with the who, what, when, where, why and how questions of objective journalism, and now adheres to a narrative construct, complete with an untrue conclusion.

The title of the Rutenberg edict was: "Trump Is Testing the Norms of Objectivity in Journalism."  This itself was a Big Lie.  The title, for the sake of honesty, should have been:  Objectivity in Journalism is an Obstacle to Our Goal of Destroying Trump and His Conservative Populist Movement."

Erroneous IDing at The New York Times

Buried in its lead story on the new government in Israel, the Times referred to the United Arab List ("Ra'am'), the Israeli Arab party that is part of the ruling coalition under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, as "an independent party run by Palestinian citizens of Israel."   Three of the Ra'am members of the ruling coalition are among the 60 Knesset votes that elected Bennett prime minister: Mansour Abbas, from Maghar; Mazen Ghnaim, from Sakhnin; and Walid Taha, from Kfar Qasim.   The fourth Israeli Arab member of the Knesset is Said al-Harami, from Shaqib al-Salam.  Al-Harami abstained from the vote installing Bennett as prime minister, succeeding Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's longtime p.m.

This is to advise The New York Times and all outlets in the fake news media that the four members of the United Arab List were born in different sections, north and south, of Israel -- but ALL four were born in Israel -- NOT the West Bank or Gaza.  btw -- Wikipedia  also recognizes the four as "Israeli Arabs," not Palestinians.

The June 13 vote to install Naftali Bennett as Israel's 13th prime minister was 60-59, the slimmest possible majority.  LPR wonders if the Israeli Arab who abstained didn't want the new government to be installed by more votes  than were absolutely necessary.  Had he voted with the three other Knesset members from the United Arab List, the vote would have been 61- 59.  LPR hopes that the date of the vote, the 13th of June, with the added  fact that Bennett is Israel's 13th prime minister, will be for a blessing, not a curse.