Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

LPR Continues Going to NYC Area Beaches the End of July

August 5, 2020 --

LPR went back to Rockaway Beach, at Beach 105th Street on July 27 and again July 29, mainly because this part of the beach is close to Boardwalk Bagels.   On Sunday, the beach was crowded but there was still plenty of room for beach towels, colorful umbrellas and chairs. And the water with surf was delightful.  By the way, no masks are worn on the beach, and no signs about distances between beachgoers were in evidence.

Monday, July 28, LPR took the Long Island Rail Road to Freeport and the n88 bus from that point to Jones Beach State Park.  The LIRR trip takes about 45 minutes and the bus adds another 15 minutes -- when the bus is on schedule. Alas, LPR had to wait 90 minutes for the bus, plus $2.75 fare.  There is one bus at 55 minutes to the hour; weekends, there is a second bus at 25 minutes past the hour. The LIRR senior citizens fare is $14, round trip.  LPR was surprised to find so many people at Jones Beach on a weekday.  The West End is closed. I went to the middle part of the beach. The East End was also open.  At Jones Beach the traditional boardwalk is still used, with steps leading to the beach.  Sandy paths lead to the Rockaway beach

The  beach itself is wider than the Rockaway beach; the waves seemed to LPR a bit higher. 

As this is a state park, under Gov. Cuomo's supervision, there were signs telling people to stay ten feet apart on the beach and six feet apart in the water.  LPR did not find that these notices were strictly obeyed.

When connections are on time, the trip to Jones Beach, by public transportation is only about 15 minutes longer than to Rockaway.  LPR would advise sticking to Rockaway on the weekends,  If  the crowds are as large as they were on Monday, the 27th, LPR imagines that they are much larger on the weekend.

Now about the surf at these beaches.  The Jones Beach surf gave LPR a bit of trouble staging on his feet, but on the 28th LPR got a walloping at the Rockaway Beach and twice was helped up from the merciless surf by Good Samaritans. LPR adds that at neither beach was there any indication that there is unrest abroad the country.  LPR must also add that there is an apparent unwritten rule that no one thinks of rummaging through a bather's property when he or she goes for a swim.  Contrast this evidence of cooperative citizenship with those who claim that destroying someone's property is not a violent act.