Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

There Can Be No Doubt The New York Times Has Abandoned Journalism for Propaganda, and Advocates Tyranny

June 19, 2022 --

LPR commends the attention of its visitors and ALL Americans committed to our democratic principles to the following link to an op-ed piece that appeared in the print edition of The New York Times on June 16, 2022 -- called, in the print edition, "These Companies Are Still Funding Trump's Big Lie Caucus".

The screed was attributed to editorial board member Alex Kingsbury but, arguably, could have been written by any adherent of the anti-free thought mindset at this publication.


The anti-Republican spin is evident in this falsehood, obviously aimed at the GOP, that appears in the fifth paragraph: "[W]hat if a growing faction of one political party isn't committed to the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power?"

Three paragraphs from the end, Kingsbury makes clear that he is targeting Republicans for extinction based on false accusations against the GOP:

"Not only are Republican lawmakers who refused to certify the [2020] election results still in office; their party is poised to make gains during the midterm elections. Their electoral fortunes represent not only an endorsement from voters who support their efforts to undermine our democracy; they also represent the explicit financial support of hundreds of corporations that pour money into their campaign coffers.'

There is no way to interpret this assault on freedom other than to understand that Kingsbury indicates that the Republican must not make gains in the midterm elections, opposes votes for Republicans from citizens expressing their free political will, and would ban campaign contributions to Republican candidates. This, LPR submits, is the mindset of tyranny.