Sunday, February 28, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Sympathy for Chairman Nadler?

February 19, 2020 --

House Chairman Jerry Nadler's May 15, 2019  interview with CNBC's John  Harwood makes it clear that Harwood expected the chairman to head the impeachment of President Trump, when it occurred.   

Consider Harwood's introduction of the chairman, which included this prediction: "If Democrats pursue the fourth serious presidential impeachment effort in American history, Nadler would wield the gavel when it starts.  The text of the interview likewise suggests that Nadler believed he would wield the gavel.    But as it turned out, the chairman wield only one gavel, the principal gavel-wielding going to House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff.

Why did the imperial speaker give  Mr. Schiff the principal role in the Trump impeachment?   A google search reveals little explanation, but clearly, Ms. Pelosi departed from tradition, and, so, likely concluded that Chairan Schiff would make a better head of impeachment, that Chairman Nadler, who, LPR must add, endured further embarrassment when Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts, presiding,  admonished House lawyers and the president's legal team for indecorous language in the chamber of "'the world's greatest deliberative body."   

While the admonishment may have been directed in an even-handed manner, LPR concludes that is was actually aimed at Mr. Nadler for his attacks on the Senate, including the accusation that it was engaging in a "cover-up" should it not call witnesses.   

Mr. Nadler should be thankful that Presiding Officer Roberts did not gently remind Chairman Nadler that the House of Representatives, as impeachment  investigating body, did not permit testimony from witnesses the Republicans wanted to hear from.