Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Neo-Leninists’ War
on the President-Elect

January 5, 2017 --

The Neo-Leninists (left-wing extremists) went to war on President-elect Donald J. Trump immediately on word , November 9, that he gained the Electoral College votes needed to be the 45th president of the United States. Thus far, the aggressors in this war have aimed at finding ways and means to keep the president-elect from taking the oath of office, January 20. In this opening phase of the conflict, the left-wing extremists have suffered two setbacks: they failed by recount to undo the election, and they failed to keep Mr. Trump from gaining the necessary Electoral College votes to be president. What next in this war against Mr. Trump?

The Neo-Leninists could, certainly, still attempt to play the Russian card against the president-elect, demanding before his inauguration that he be prosecuted for treason. They could, also, call for boycotts of states giving Mr. Trump their Electoral College votes. And of course, the old, reliable – mass protests against a Trump presidency.

LPR expects that the “unhinged” left will not rest unless President Donald J. Trump is forced out of the Oval Office. The Trump-haters will seek impeachment at the drop of tweet. They also have the Kiev precedent of massive demonstrations in the nation’s capital, the kind of demonstrations that sent Ukraine President Yanukovych fleeing to Russia. Continuous anti-Trump demonstrations on the Washington mall, with regular appearances by Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, assorted “conservative’ (hah!) Never-Trumpers, and a pack of Hollywood and Broadway celebrities come to mind.

The theme of the anti-Trump Protests (ATP) are indicated in the lead New York Times editorial, November 6, “Imagining the Country on Nov. 9.” The editorial, two days before the election, asserted (based on the belief that Hillary Clinton would be elected president): “In 2016 we were closer than ever to electing an ignorant and reckless tyrant….” LPR expects the ATP, January 20 and thereafter, to be filled with placards declaring: “Get that ignorant and reckless tyrant out of the White House. ” “End rule by an ignorant and reckless tyrant.” “Crush ignorant and reckless tyranny.”

Indeed the placards could also quote directly from the last paragraph of this bizarre editorial: “It’s time to focus. To confront what Trump represents, the better to end it.” And what was it that Lenin thought it was better to end ? In a word: Liberty.