Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Evidence that The New York Times has become The New Pravda

July 5, 2020 --

This organ, maintaining the new right of journalism to confuse and divide the people, mentioned in its June 25 story on the order of the D.C. appellate court to dismiss Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, that the FBI was acting to close its investigation of Flynn before the matter of his phone conversations with Russian Ambassador Kislyak "arose," referring to those conversations as a "new concern."

Why is this an example of "New Pravda" journalism?"   LPR is just a lone pamphleteer in The Bronx, relying on little more than common sense, stirred by the spirit of American liberty.
Common sense demands that readers realize that the FBI had tapes of the Flynn-Kislyak phone conversations as soon as they were held, with transcripts shortly thereafter.   

How could there be "concern" about a legitimate conversation between a incoming national security adviser and an ambassador of any country, let alone Russia?

LPR submits, and urges a visitor to LPR call this to the attention of the Trump administration that for the New Pravda to say there was reason for "concern" about the Flynn-Kislyak phone conversation is to spread DISINFORMATION among the American people and continue the Russian hoax lie.   But that, certainly, is what the New Pravda is now doing, spreading disinformation about Russian bounties offered for the lives of American troops.  Republicans in Congress should surely be aware, by now, that there are no depths below which the New Pravda  (leading the Resistance) will not go to deceive the people of American for the purpose of installing a truly authoritarian regime at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.