Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

An Open Memo to
The New Yorker Magazine on Its Possible New Approach to Capitalism

April 19, 2022 --

Two years ago, LPR accepted an introductory subscription to The New Yorker for about $50 the annum.   

When the one-year term expired, the magazine stopped sending issues, which was clearly reasonable, as I had informed the editor that the full subscription price of $169.99 was too heavy for me to pay in a lump sum. 

I offered to remit three monthly installments of $60, which totalled more than $169.99.   

The magazine did not respond to this counter-offer, but has continued to send invoices to me.

The current invoice, demanding $169.99, refers to this sum as "Payment Outstanding."   I am instructed to remit payment by "05/05/22."   

I have begun to wonder if my acceptance of the introductory offer has bound me to a lifetime subscription to The New Yorker, with the matter being turned over to their collection service if not paid, the fact I have received no further issues, notwithstanding.

LPR herewith states a new counter-offer to The New Yorker, a counter-offer that it should have well before the Fifth of May.  I will accept another year's subscription for $100, payable in two monthly installments of $50 each, which given the magazine's "progressive" mindset, should be reasonable for someone  presently 81 and 11/12ths years  old, whose income is limited to social security, and, by virtue of his website, is a member of the media. 

The New Yorker should also correct my address, which currently lists me as "Dr. R. Zukerman."   Perhaps the magazine believes I am a doctor and thus can easily afford $169.99 annually, a sum that, actually, is more than one-tenth my monthly income.  As the LPR masthead has it, I there refer to myself as "D. R. Zukerman,"  which is quite different from the magazine's usage. One reason for LPR to keep up with The Nw Yorker is to learn its variations on the "Jan 6" theme of The New York Times, intended to turn the U.S. into a one-party state (Republicans not allowed.). If the invoices continue, absent agreement from LPR, the left will have indicated that their notion capitalism is: pay, and get nothing for it.