Saturday, September 30, 2023
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
On the Personal Bias of Peggy Noonan

April 5, 2023 --

Peggy Noonan once was a speechwriter for President Reagan and therefore spent the first part of her March 25 Wall Street Journal column defending her former boss against the charge that he won because our hostages were held in Iran beyond Election Day 1980 due to the connivance of President Reagan. Not that her former employment caused her to distort the truth of the 1980 election: incumbent Jimmy Carter did not deserve a second term, Noonan reminds us..

She then went on, March 25, to discuss the title of the column: "The Wrong Indictment against Trump."


First LPR points out that as a Wall Street Journal columnist, Ms. Noonan is, sadly, a member in good standing of the Deep State, and this non-governmental organization (although it includes government officials, certainly) has always been staunchly anti-populist. Therefore, while acknowledging that the facts of the anticipated indictment of former president Trump is too trivial a matter to get handcuffs on him, she proceeds, following her path of untruths, to show the way to her vision of handcuffed former president.

And so, the vicious, mean-spirited Noonan turns from a trivial matter to lies to support her Deep State desire to crush populism -- for that is what MAGA represents, as the current embodiment of the first half of Federalist No. 57, as good an expression of populism as any, conceived by founding father James Madison.

Here is the false statement, as false as the Russia collusion smear to defeat the Trump presidential candidacy in 2026 - and, thereafter, to try to oust him from office Yanukovych-style, that Noonan put in the middle of her March 25 column in hopes of soon seeing our MAGA former president in handcuffs -- and behind prison bars, no doubt:

"On and in the days leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, Donald Trump encouraged and unleashed an assault on our Constitution. Before than he appears to have waged a concerted and thuggish effort to overturn a democratic outcome in the state of Georgia."

Noonan, by this false accusation, should be awarded the Pravda Medal for Excellence in Political Propaganda.

But, you see, false accusations leveled by the Deep State against former president Donald J. Trump merely reflect the Deep State's hostility to populist support for the constitutional vision of the Framers.

LPR wonders: how long will it take House Republicans to bestir themselves in ardent, justified backing of the former president's re-election campaign so that the anti-Democratic forces of the Deep State will, finally, be put to flight?

They might begin be overturning every action taken by that insult to free government known as the Jan. 6 House Select Committee, including all subpoenas spewed forth from that panel of political malcontents.