Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Does Obama Care Want Seniors
to Die Sooner than Later

April 5, 2022 --

LPR ran out of thyroid and high blood pressure medication, March 29. 

As my primary physician stopped her practice, LPR contacted a few local physicians, to be told they are not taking new patients. (New seniors, is more like it.)

I checked local physicians because United Healthcare sent me a new card with a doctors way downtown, about 90 minutes from my Bronx residence. My experience calling that office. Hanging up after being on hold for 13 minutes.

Alexandria Corttez-Ocasio wants Justice Clarence Thomas to resign. LPR thinks all members of Congress still in office who voted for Obama Care should resigned immediately. Shame on Schumer and Pelosi

And The New York Times, which contantly calls former President Trumnp a liar should immediately refer to former President Obama as the bearer of false tidings for having assured us that costs will be lowered, and we won't lose our doctors with his anti-people form of health insurance -- which, by the way, does not affect memberss of Congress.

And the left wonders why ordinary people voted for Donald J. Trump?

From this vantage point, Obama Care is government-enacted health insurance guaranteed to keep medicine from seniors to get them to die soooner than later.

Where are the Republicans on this?