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Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
An Open Letter to His Excellency Benjamin Netanyahu,
Prime Minster of Israel

February 5, 2023 --

Subject: A meeting in Jerusalem to End the Conflict in Ukraine Between Russia and Ukraine

His Excellency Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and
His Excellency Volodomyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine


The first anniversary (note this writer does nor refer to the firs-year anniversary. that redundant usage respecting woke, not clear, thinking is but weeks away, February 24, 2023.

No doubt you will agree that the Excellencies leading the belligerent countries did not imagine that this conflict would enter a send year of death and destruction. But did the leaders of Europe, the second decade of the 20th century imagine that World War I would consume millions of the soldiers of the Allied and Central Power for more than four years, creating the chaos that led to the even more deadly and destructive World War II?

Excellency, you must convince the presidents of the belligerents to accept your good offices to mediate an end to this conflict that is an offense to common sense, international stability and, at present, serves only to provide a zone to test new weapons of mass slaughter, before resort to the atomic weapons that came into existence at the arid sands of New Mexico, making that desert even more uninhabitable.

My sense is that, growing up, you were taught by your father of blessed memory to revere the memory of Dr. Ze'ev Jabotinsky, arguably greatest Jew of the 20th century.

Think of the memory of "Jabo" at this time; let that memory guide you to restoring amicable relations between Ukraine and Russia. The views of other states have been unhelpful to the cause of peace in eastern Europe.

How many leaders of the states of western Europe, much less government officials in America, know that cities that were part of sovereign regimes in 1914 are now within the borders of different sovereignties?

Excellency, only the officials of Russia and Ukraine know the fact of borderlines that have shifted during the past century.

Jews, too, have memories of Ukraine and Russia not known to the people of other countries -- memories that bring torrents of tears to the Jews who survived the pogroms of Ukraine and Russia in the three decades before World War I, then hundreds of thousands when peace was declared -- a faux peace for the Jews of central Europe, a faux peace that demanded millions of Jewish lives between 1918 and 1946. What right do the governments of America and Britain have to involve themselves in the Ukraine conflict or in peace talks: America and Britain that both turned their backs on the Jews who, during World War II were left to be consumed by the Nazis. France? It was occupied by the Nazis after its leaders gave up the fight -- and sent Jews to Nazi death camps. Italy -- Mussolini, to stay in power till the end of World War II, also sent Jews to be murdered by the Nazis.

Holland? More Dutch Jews, per capita, were murdered by the Nazis than the Jews of any European country occupied by the Nazis.

Excellency, Presidents Putin and Zelensky must know that you have particular knowledge of the history of Russia and Ukraine, knowledge that qualifies you as peace mediator to end this insane conflict by March 1, 2023.

With that in mind, Excellency, think how the gifted Jabo would have set the belligerents on the path to peace. Would he have not taken Zelensky aside to say: "Mr. Jewish President of Ukraine, fighting for a cause i believe in with all my heart -- Ukraine nationalism, along with, certainly, the cause of Jewish nationalism -- can you not realize the insanity of lining up with the foes of Russia, foes whose expansionary cause took tens of million of Russian live? To be blunt -- can you not imagine how insane it would be if Canada lined itself up with Iran, Venezuela, China, and Cuba. -- never mind Russia?"

Excellency, then you would advise President Putin: "Ignore the exhortations to Ukraine of countries that probably hate you for your role in trying to reach accommodation with the West. The leaders of countries currently in the grip of Woke-ism probably regard you as a Russian version of former President Trump. Consider this, by signing The Slavic Accords with President Zelensky you are not only ending a needless conflict, you are striking a blow against Global Woke-ism -- what could be more freedom-loving than that?