Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
A Plea to Patriotic Republicans in Congress to Wake Up and Smell the Anti-Trump/GOPropaganda

August 19, 2022 --

As Ginia Bellafante certainly suggests in her August 14 New Yor Times article on Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, in normal parlance, the term "war" is notning more than metaphor, not call to violence. Bellafante wrote that Ms. Woodward dressed modestly for television appearances "as if she were quietly waging war against the notion that a middle-aged woman would really have to work it to keep the attentions of the hottest man alive [Paul Newman, her husband].

But should a Trump supporter like Stephen Bannon be quoted as saying "'We're at war.'" Ms. Bellafante's colleagues in the political propaganda section of the Times rush to see the mataphor as a "dark" call to violence.

In this regard, the Times, is alas, extraordinarily selective. Historian Michael Beschloss and former CIA Director Michael Hayden suggest that former president Trump should be executed, and The New York Times carries not a smidgen of criticism, let alone the suggestion that these two miscreant Michael's should undergo questioning by the Selective Service for suggesting harm to a former president.

An article at The Federalist points out that the left has no problem with violence in response to the Supreme Court decision overturning the abortion ruling of Roe v. Wade -- an article that would never see light of day at the violence-tolerated-when-caused-by-leftists New York Times. And, other than the isolated, and bizarre incident outside an FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio -- resulting in the killing of the alleged perp, where can The New York Times point to acts of violence in response to the FBI swoop-down of the former president's home at Mar-a-Lago? Hence, this propaganda mill resorts to "dark" talk of what is certainly, metaphoric use of the term "war."

This is not to gainsay that the deep state, led by The Times would very much relish an excuse to crack down on elements in the country's MAGA sector. Comprehending the ominous talk in The Times of violence on the horizon as an instance of projection, by this test, The New York Times and those it fronts for, would indeed very much like to use violence to crush Trump and his followers once and for all. In support of this view, consider the words of Times columnist David Brooks in his latest anti-Trump column, August 14: "[A]merica absolutely needs to make sure that Trump does not get another term as president.".


How else to understand the phrase stated by Brooks, "absolutely needs to make sure, " than as tantamount to asserting that Trump must be stopped from becoming president again "by all means necessary"?

It is not clear to this observer that Republicans -- continuing to observe Marquis of Queensbury-type rules of political warfare --are aware that leftist false assertions that the MAGA people threaten violence indicate that the Democrats have, effectively, turned into Stalinists, and would employ Stalin's thuggish rules to retain power, as Garland did at Mar-a-Lago.


Republican and independent voters would do well to take very seriously Michael Goodwin's words in his New York Post article, August 14, that the idea that former president Trump would undermine our democracy is a blatant lie. Goodwin continues:"In truth, the real danger to democracy is the government itself when it abuses ower for partisan purposes." This, Goodwin points out, is what the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was all about.


Congressional Republicans should take to heart the comments of Rep. Mike Turner, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, expressed on CNN's "State of the Union" as reported by The Washington Times, August 14. Mr. Turner pointed out that while Donald Trump is not above the law, neither is Attorney General Garland -- whose raid on Mar-a-Lago denied Mr. Trump his status as former president, but then, that is what The Resistance is all about: having denied, since January 20, 2017 the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

Mr Turner should realize, also, that Pelosi's panel of political puppets is not above the law, either, yet her kangaroo committee to persecute and destroy Donald Trump has placed itself above the rules by which the committee was formed. That is to say, in brief, Mike Turner, GOP representative from Ohio, should be leading all House Republicans to denounce the mendacious and malign manipulation of the House Committee on Jan. 6, and declaring that any and all of its actions and proceedings, ab initio, are null and void.

One hopes that Republicans do not shrink from denouncing the illegitimate governing conduct of our New Stalinists for fear that The New York Times would falsely accuse patriotic Republicans of fomenting violence.