Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Real Reason David Paterson Should Not be Governor of New York -- or, Update of the LPR Battle vs. Verizon and Con Ed.

APRIL 4, 2010 --

The other day, LPR received a notice from a Verizon collection source inviting LPR to pay $650. LPR believes that the initial demand from Verizon, when phone service was cut, half a year ago, was about $375. There is, also, a smaller sum demanded by Con Edison which also cut is service half a year ago.

LPR complained, some months ago, to the New York State Public Service Copmmission (PSC) which, a few weeks ago, dismissed the matter with a letter that could have been written by representatives of these powerful utilities. The gist of the letter: you owe Verizon and you owe Con Ed. Pay them.

No reference by PSC to the misleading bill. No comment about the Con Ed rep's callous attitude when I called (still had a phone then) on learning my electricity was off. And nothing from the PSC on my questions about the amount of the Verizon bill when phone service was cut, or the considerable increase in the bill for the months without a phone.

If the PSC just reflects the utililties position, what do we need a PSC for?

It would, LPR believes, be great for New York state, if we had a governor who knew first hand how people were getting pushed around and would work to boost citizen morale.

Anyone doubt citizen morale is low, these days?

More on plans to raise citizen morale, next LPR.

Meantime, see the new Andy Garcia movie: "City Island." Things CAN turn around for the better. (LPR spots a new film genre term here.) Small caveat -- several characters in this movie are seen...smoking. Please let us not reach the day when a movie includes this advisory after the credits: "No cigarette-inhaling occurred during the filming of this movie."