Thursday, February 25, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

LPR as a Paul Revere
Sounding the Alarmrner

December 19, 2020 --

Another Election-Gate -- with this headline from 

Abrams: Dems Will Win Georgia Runoffs

1.2M Absentee Ballots Requested, 85,000 Are New Voters. How will these ballots be checked for veracity?  Isn't this how Biden "won" the battleground states?  

Is the Republican Party alert to the threat Abrams's announcement poses?

Assuming this is simply another cheating provocation by the Democrats will get away with, will they then et away with their neo-totalitarian agenda?

Do the American people want to abandon the filibuster in the Senate?   Do they want the Supreme Court "packed" to make the court a figurehead for anti-democratic measures?

Will the media even report public opinion polls if these polls reflect an anti-left mindset in the country?

In short, is our founding legacy of liberty about to be suppressed?

David Zukerman for Lonely Pamphleteer Review