Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
There won't be an effective Republican agenda until the House removes ALL evidence of the stain of Pelosi's "Jan. 6" kangaroo committee

February 19, 2023 --


In her February 14 American Greatness article, Julie Kelly calls attention to a character, hardly a household name to this point, but who has a most curious link to the political trial of a group that the Deep State, for invidious purpose, wants to tar as insurrectionists. -- for purpose of blocking Trump for a second term.

LPR's ongoing concern: the apparent reluctance of the House GOP leadership, including Jim Jordan, of discrediting the Pelosi "Jan. 6" panel for what it was: an affront to constitutional government.

While the memory of the Pelosi witchhunt remains a source of pride for the totalitarians, the respect given this attack on representative government by the courts permits ongoing travesties of justice that Ms. Kelly valiantly attempts to call to the attention of the American people, including, most certainly, the House Reublican leadership.

Why the apparent reluctance to expunge frpm House records the anti-liberty -- indeed un-American -- record of this Pelosi-designed panel that constituted, in fact, an assault on due process and democratic government?

Nullification of the work of the Kangaroo Committee Consisting of Rabid Anti-Trump (RAT) Members of Congress will send judges a clear signal: "stay your hand, the work of the Jan. 6 committee does not deserve judicial endorsement -- not if phrases like 'due process' and 'equal jprotection of the laws' still have meaning in this Republic."

One hopes there is not a consensus within the House GOP leadership that the price of preventing another Trump run at the presidency is worth guilty verdicts in political trials resulting in prison terms, based on unequal justice of the law, for a few people linked to the former president?

Unless the House of Representatives acts now to denounce, and expunge from House records and its offal, the Pelosi betrayal of the committee process for unjust ends, the cause of democracy in America remains in peril, indeed.