Thursday, February 27, 2020
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

"Nonstop political war" ahead

January 20, 2019 --

That is the prediction of GOP strategist Andy Surabian, former special assistant to President Trump, quoted in The New York Times, January 14. Mr. Surabian was further quoted in the Times as saying that congressional Democrats are"'out for blood,'" indicating that to prevail will require "'fortitude, unity, coherent messaging and a willingness to fight back'" on the part of Republicans, (LPR has no doubt that President Trump is so willing; but are Republicans ready to stay the course?

One example of the anti-Trump strategy was the lead story in the Times, January 12, asserting "F.B.I INVESTIGATED/ IF TRUMP WORKED/ FOR THE RUSSIANS." Apparently periodically, , The Times and the rest of the anti-Trump resistance will run stories seeking to link the president and the Russians although there is no evidence of Trump ties to Moscow. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo , speaking on "Face the Nation," as quoted by "The Times" called the idea :'''absolutely ludicrous .'" How "ludicrous?" In its January 12 lead story, "The Times," quoted former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page that Russia's President Vladimir Putin seeks to undermine the west.

The TIimes did not report that Ms. Page is the former FBI lawyer who worked with Peter Strzok to discredit Donald J.Trump when he campaigned for the presidency.

LPR would suggest that there are elements in the deep state for whom the cold war has not ended. The Times January 12 article not at FBI withstanding, John Solomon, writing in "The Hill," September 16, 2018 reported that a case had not been made linking Trump and the Russians. After nearly two years, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III also has yet to establish Trump - Russia ties.

Among the committee chairman planning to probe the Trump administration, vis-a-vis Russia, include the Eliot L. Engel, new chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

LPR will keep its clicksters notified on the political war against President Trump, a war that is apparent with every call for the impeachment of the president.