Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The President and Royalty

June 19, 2019 --

Notwithstanding carping from the usual media sources, LPR saw a Politico report, June 7, that a senior U.S. official claimed several British officials "said they had rarely seen" the Queen and Prince Charles in as "jovial" a mood with a foreign leader as they were with President Trump during his June 3 - June 5 state visit to the United Kingdom. LPR also heard a report on radio that Queen Elizabeth II invited the president to return to England. (The queen, by the waym took note of the president's Scottish mother.) LPR has a hunch that President Trump can be very charming in person. (LPR further understands that critics carped that the president clinked glasses during a toast with Her Majesty!)

LPR saw another online report that Mr. Trump refused to meet with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during his state visit to the United Kingdom.( Corbyn, who reportedly joined anti-Trump protesters, was said by another source to have refused a Trump invitation to dinner.) Nine Labour MPs left the party, last February, to protest "institutional anti-Semitism" under Labour chief Corbyn. And there are reports that
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a Jewish group that the U.S. would "'push back'" if Corbyn instituted anti-Semitic policies should he become prime minister.

(Some Labour sources have complained that the U.S. is interfering in the U.K.'s internal affairs!)