Thursday, February 25, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Why Keep Calling Our Authoritarians "Progressives?"

November 19, 2020 --

Patriotic Americans -- that is Americans who are devoted loyalists of our Founding Legacy of Freedom --who continue to refer to the leftist authoritarians as progressives and elitists, are engaging in the existential fight to defend the Constitution with one hand tied behind their back, at the very least.

First as for the "elitists," LPR submits that there is nothing elitist about them.  They are no more than insufferable, arrogant snobs inflated with their sense of self-importance not to mention misguided all-knowingness.

As for referring to them as progressive, pray tell what is forward-looking about them. They brook no dissent. They would draw up lists to punish anyone disagreeing with them. They declare "No One is Above the Law," while claiming the power to define what the law is for the rest of us. Madison, in Federalist No. 57, gave us insight into those "progressives" who draw up laws for the "deplorables" to adhere to, while avoiding the impact of the law on their own persons.   

In No. 57, Madison sagely says that if the people tolerate laws imposed on them by legislators who claim the laws are not obligatory on them, it will mean "the people will be prepared to tolerate anything but liberty."

Isn't this a problem with Obamacare. Unless LPR is wrong, this law applies to the common citizen but is not obligatory on the legislators. And so, in this regard haven't we signaled the deep state that we are amenable to tyranny?  And don't we fall deeper into tyranny if we accept "lists" with the aim of proscribing Trump voters?   Also, don't we fall deepest into tyranny if we accept the demands of the enemies of Trumpism -- that is the enemies of our Legacy of Liberty -- to stop questioning the tally of the presidential election just passed, and accept a result certified by no one other than a media (and weak-spined Republicans, among others) hostile to the president to the point of opposing his legitimacy from November 3 to the present?

The 72 or 73 Million voters who  defend the Constitution and  oppose the stratagems of the violent left to impose, in Hayek's phrase, the serfdom of socialism on us, must indeed band together as brothers in defense of freedom. 

For the immediate future we must learn the lesson of the dog that did not bark in the middle of the night -- with reference to the curious case of the halted vote count in several states that seem to have ended in Biden column --and ensure that the vote count in the Georgia U.S. senate seat run-offs is on the level.  Let us have no assertions of extended vote counts, suddenly found batches of Biden ballots, a halted vote count to invite leftist manipulation of vote totals, no interference with GOP observers of the ballot-counting.

Indeed, let us have leaders who will brook banana republic tactics to impose banana republic like dictatorship on a free people. In this regard, LPR would turn to attorney Sidney Powell and Rep. Jim Jordan as co-chairs of a Committee in Defense of Free and Honest Elections.

And please the Almighty, may this suggestion be somehow distributed to, and find favor among, the legions of Trump voters who continue to believe in the Legacy of Freedom bequeathed to us by the Framers of Our Constitution.  This then is a prayer that these remarks go viral among the 73 Million.  Spread the word.