Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Reflections on why Rep. Doug Collins Should Have Been On the Ballot in Georgia January 5

January 5, 2021 --

What do the sorry  results-- and boy will the country be sorry within 30 days after January 20 -- in Georgia instruct if not that the Georgia GOP has made a mess of things, which can't be called "peachy keen" except for the miscreants who intend on transforming our country into a political echo of  Cuba's Castroland?

Thanks to Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to secede from the Trump-led GOP and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's campaign to proclaim the media line on Election-gate. -- where's the evidence of chicanery? [all around you, you possible Democrat mole, you -- and that goes for Kemp, too] -- the national interest of our glorious U.S.A is going to be whatever the anti-freedom left says it is.

Good-bye Presidents' Day. Hello Chairman Mao's Birthday.  And since the Chairman  was born December 26, 1893, it looks like December 26 will replace December 25 as a national holiday.  What high school will be the first to chuck its presidential name  in favor of Mao-Tse Tung High School 

Republicans who have, all along been uncomfortable with a businessman president intent on draining the swamp, have tried to soothe the concerns of GOP voters by assuring them: "just wait for us to sweep the 2022 House and Senate races."   Do the Republican panty-waists rule out recurrence of massive mail-ins -- with voters including undocumented residents casting undocumented ballots to insure leftist hegemony for the foreseeable -- even unforeseeable -- future.    Consider, please, the condition of the Republican Party in New York City.  There is no Republican Party in New York City.   Behold the face of American politics by the 2024 election.  Or will we vote by computer throughout 2024, with the Democrat candidate gathering 145 million votes; the Republican candidate, Susan Collins, 156,000?

Schumer of the Senate has indicated that with Democrat wins in Georgia, the country will really get a transformation.  Indeed so.  The old two-party system, long considered a hallmark of democracy, will be tossed aside for the uniparty system, races to be run in "non-partisan" primaries, like they already have in California, where the general election for U.S. Senate is already a contest between two Democrats. 

Yes, when Democrats talk about unifying the country, they have in mind one nation, one party, one choice -- all coming from their ranks.

How bad can we expect things to get?  Hate crimes will be prosecuted for dissenting political views: that is, to dissent from the leftist line will be to harbor hatred for specified ethnic groups and social justice to the detriment of the left side of the body politic.  But there will also be instituted language crimes: using language offensive to the new concept of gender neutrality. Hasn't the Pelosi (from now on, "Pelosi" will replace Speaker of the House as the term for the House leader) already declared out of bounds nouns that point to gender identification, thereby causing  confusion when both parents have the same gender organs (to refer to said organs as "sex" has long been taboo).  Instead of two husbands or two wives, we now have, simply, two parents --whatever the nature of their, uh, organs.

Unless John Durham comes up with a report setting out in detail how The Swamp worked assiduously to undermine U.S. democracy from June 2015 to the present, look for a Supreme Court of 15 members (6 new leftists) by March 1, 2021, and "In God We Trust"   to  be replaced as national motto with: Elites are More Equal Than Others.  And, yes, the country's name will have to be changed..  No more United States of America that conjures up images of systemic racism.    Welcome, come July 4th next, to the Transformed States of America.  

And all because Rep. Doug Collins was not on the Republican ballot in the Georgia runoffs, on  5 January 2021.