Tuesday, March 02, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

On Renaming Forts Named for Confederate Generals

June 19, 2020 --

Maybe some of the naming of southern forts for Confederate generals was not meant as a compliment.

Consider General Braxton Bragg.  He did not have a good reputation as a general,  nowhere near that of Gen. James Longstreet, yet Longstreet is only a road in Fort Bragg. 

Could naming the entire installation for Bragg have been intended as an inside joke? 

It seems to LPR that if the naming were serious, the name of the installation would be Fort Longstreet. Longstreet, by the way, convinced General Lee at Appomattox that his pre-war friend from West Point, General Grant, would be magnanimous to the South. Grant's wife Julia Dent, was a distant relation of Longstreet, who attended their wedding and may have been a groomsman.  And at Appomattox, he renewed his friendship with Grant, and eventually became a Republican, voting for Grant as president.