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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Richie Havens

May 4, 2013 --

Richie Havens was probably best known for his opening gig at Woodstock, August 15, 1969. He was supposed to be fifth on the opening program but because of incredible traffic jams and the fact that he happened to be on hand, he was asked to kick off the festival, staying on stage for nearly three hours until the other bands could get to the venue.

Thirty-seven summers later, LPR was on hand at the Connecticut Agricultural Fair, in Goshen, to see Havens, engaged by the fair's entertainment director Terri Fassio (LPR's terrific webmaster).

Havens was not on stage for three hours, but he gave a marvelous performance to the hundreds of fairgoers present, including many who saw him at Woodstock. And, as if to remind everyone of Woodstock, while Havens was performing, the skies opened up, drenching the audience -- but not their spirit.

The Connecticut Agricultural Fair has passed on -- and so, last month has Richie Havens, too soon at age 72. Their memories endure.

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