Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Decline and Fall of RINO-ism

April 5, 2022 --

Republicans in name only continue to be prominently featured in the media, but polls showing that only about a quarter of the voters  believe the country is heading in the right (figuratively) suggests that RINO-ism has all the reality of a political Potemkin village.  It folllows, certainly, that the political image of the country, depicted in the media is false.

That the left is now going after Justice Clarence Thomas, by way of attacks on his wife Ginni,  indicates how desperate are the left and their RINO cohort to prevent a political deluge, this November, followed by a political tsunami in 2024 (but for that to occur, LPR believes Mitch McConnell must be replaced as Senate GOP leader early in 2023. 

Notwithstanding leftist control of the country's mass media, LPR has a hunch that individual liberty remains the American zeitgeist, and that the Biden presidency is a function of the failure of the GOP to give Donald Trump the loyalty that our heritage of individual liberty both requires -- and deserves.

LPR posits that lukewarm  GOP support for President Trump made possible the trauma of the Russia collusion lie, the October 2020 media Iron Curtain around Hunter-gate -- and  the left's chicanery that resulted in the Biden presidency.

Now, the left's, joined by the RINO element (soon may it wither away into nothingness), political mendacity is based on allegations deriving from "Jan. 6" -- allegations looking to thwart Justice Thomas now, congressional Republicans next November, and to imprison Mr. Trump before 2024.

But, in LPR's view, so oxymoronic is the mindset of the left, that it cannot keep from alienating the American people, however politically naive, or ineffective, the GOP proves to be.   The left, after all, is committed to maintaining shackles on the idea of individual liberty -- and shackles will not hold on a people whose commitment to the spirit of freedom is a birthright.  The incipient totalitarianism of the left is, in the final analysis, a test of the strength of our birthright of freedom,  not a mortal threat to the American spirit.