Sunday, February 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

An additional thought on the rioting …

June 5, 2020 --

It seems to LPR that the current outbreak of rioting is more widespread than the violence that occurred after the shooting death of Michael Brown six years ago, in Ferguson, Missouri.   Are the current outbreaks of arson and looting spontaneous? 

Could there be a guiding force behind the violence, a force bent on preventing at all costs the re-election of President Trump? On the other hand, will some observers conclude that the violence reflects the frustrations of people in lockdown (a quasi-euphemism for martial law) for more than three months?

 For LPR, the current outbreak evokes the far-flung rioting under President Johnson (the protests under President Nixonn were not, LPR believes nearly as violent) in the 1960s than the violence in Ferguson when President Obama was in the Oval Office.

It should be noted that John Batchelor and Prof. Michael Vlahos, on the John Batchelor Show,  have been discussing the current political division in the country in terms of a civil war.   The violence in many cities, last week, underscores the Batchelor-Vlahos conversations.