Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Is the President Using the Rope-a-Dope Strategy

July 5, 2020 --

Rope-a-Dope is the strategy used by Muhammad Ali to defeat his opponents.  He would lean on the ropes surrounding the right, and absorb the blows of the opponent until they were tired out. Then he would come off the ropes, and pummel his opponent, and win the fight.  LPR wonders if President Trump is using that strategy to defeat his enemies.  For all his campaign talk about draining the swamp, it doesn't seem to LPR that the president has made a lot of headway against the deep state. 

His enemies began with the Russia hoax, including the Steele dossier, then impeachment by way of Ukraine.  Next came COVID-19 and accusations the president was killing people.  Next unemployment.  Then the manufactured protests that led to arson and looting.  Lately the specious claims of Russian bounties for dead U.S. military personnel. And the litany of polls predicting an anti-Trump landslide on November 3.

The president has absorbed a great deal from his enemies in the Resistance and the Never Trumpers. It seems to LPR that he really has yet to bounce back to pummel his foes.   

Will Rope-a-Dope be effective for the president once the Durham report is disclosed? It is difficult for LPR to think that U.S. attorney John Durham will not deliver a report that points to former President Obama as the architect for a transition that would make President Trump's tenure in the White House as difficult as possible for a long as possible, until the campaign to destroy his presidency was successful.  By these lights, rope-a-dope would be certain to rally the people round the president to ensure his re-election.