Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

More Savaging the Truth

June 5, 2022 --

Charlie Savage followed up his June 1 propaganda piece on Michael Sullivan's acquittal by a rabidly red jury with a June 2 propaganda piece smirking about conservative support for special prosecutor John Durham, notwithstanding the Sussman outcome. That Savage promoted the anti-Trump line of The New York Times is obvious from his insinuation that the Sussmann prosecution was an "iffy" case that "us[ed] law enforcement power to publicize politically fraught information." The truth -- and please see Andrew McCarthy's "Ball of Collusion" -- is that President Obama, his intel people and Hillary Clinton used their government powers for abusive purpose to prevent, and then stymie, the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Savage argued in part, in his mendacious June 2 article that it had not been shown that Hillary Clinton did not believe the Trump collusion with Russia allegation was untruthful. LPR would note that Savage did not point to any evidence tending to support the "Russia hoax" which obviously was based on Clinton's intent to smear Mr. Trump, and to distract attention from evidence that she violated the law in using her public emails for private purpose.

Clinton used her deep state resources to promote the red herring that foreign influences (Russian) dominated the Trump campaign. On this (false) premise, consider the insight of Andrew McCarthy on page 225 of "Ball of Collusion" -- "It is remarkable that commentators who rightly worry about external interference in our campaigns by foreign powers are insouciant regarding the dire threat of internal interferences by government officials. The latter threat is more insidious: Foreign meddling is apt to be presumed adversarial, so we re on guard. U.S. officials, by contrast, act under the color of legal authority and we generally presume their good faith...."

McCarthy goes on to point out: "This insouciance, moreover is blatantly partisan.

The media-bureaucrat complex is quick to assume that Republican administrations will abuse their intelligence and law-enforcement powers for partisan purpose.

When it comes, however, to the potentially abusive actions of Democratic administrations, any questioning or call for examination of patently suspect decisions, such as the decision to investigate the opposition political campaign, is limned as a reckless attack on our institutions and the rule of law itself."

The clear-thinking Mr. McCarthy might have added that the political mindset of Clinton, Brennan, McCabe, and the rest of the corrupt Democrat bunch betrays more than a hint of the observation of Louis XIV: "l'Etat c'est moi." Stated differently, for the anti-Trump conspirators: "political truth is whatever we say it is, and to dissent from our pronouncement is to bear false witness."