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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Senator Collins: Concerning Obamacare, are U.S. Senators Above the Law?

October 5, 2017 --

(LPR asks its clicksters to call this letter  to the attention of Sen. Collins—and to  all members of the House and Senate)

Dear Senator Collins:

This letter is prompted by your September 25th announcement against repealing Obamacare.

President Obama assured the American people that under the Affordable Care Act they would be able to keep their health insurance plans and  their physicians,  and that insurance premiums would be lowered by $2500 per family.   Sen. Collins, did President Obama’s predictions come to pass?   Is it not true that the costs of Obamacare have devastated families who have lost their medical insurance along with their physicians?

Senator Collins, do you support increased medical care burdens on the American people? 

More significantly, are you, as member of the Senate, impacted by the pressures of Obamacare as are ordinary citizens – or are you, along with all members of House and Senate, protected from these pressures?

James Madison pointed out in Federalist No. 57 that if Congress passes laws to be imposed on the people, and from which the members of Congress are exempt, it will mean that the people are no longer interested in liberty.

Senator Collins, are you allowing the American people to suffer the pain of Obamacare, from which  you and your Senate colleagues and House members are exempt, because you are confident the American people no longer care for liberty?

It is said that Democrats in Congress hope to get a single-payer system (socialized medicine).  Perhaps the American people, still committed to liberty, simply demand a single standard for health insurance legislation.   After all, aren’t you, as member of the United States Senate, still committed to the principle that “no one is above the law?”


David R. Zukerman for Lonely Pamphleteer Review