Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Republican Candidate -- Curtis Sliwa - for Mayor of New York City

July 5, 2021 --

LPR was not surprised that Bill de Blasio has been, to say the least, a lacklust "hizzoner."   When LPR was in the throes of the Great Dayton Seaside Property Tax Manipulation, de Blasio, as a middle level functionary at HUD sent LPR two stonewalling notes apparently aimed at misleading LPR on the HUD, NYC shenanigans to help Mayor Giuliani force the Zukerman family out of the three Dayton Seaside 12-storey apartment buildings in Rockaway.  DeBlasio arguably abused his position in the federal government then -- and he hasn't improved as the top honcho in the City of New York. BUT -- he got elected because only one in four registered NYC voters went to the polls in 2013 and, again, in 2017.

LPR supports the mayoral candidacy of Curtis Sliwa, convinced that Curtis will be a dynamic candidate and will get out a much larger vote next November than in the two previous mayoral elections that put de Blasio in City Hall for eight -- very long -- years, much too long.     

Here is a link to LPR's American Thinker piece on Curtis.

The linked article took note of the expectation that a Democrat will be elected mayor next November, if for no other reason but that Democrats have something like a 6 - 1 edge in registered voters.   That is, indeed, a huge obstacle. 

But, LPR think tht if anyone can break the current Democrat stranglehold on New York City's residents, Curtis is the man to do it.

The New York Times carried an article, June 26, indicating the hubris of the Eric Adams, the  Democrat who expects 1) to win the Democrat mayoral primary when the votes are all in, sometime in July, and thinks, 2)  that he should be treated as mayor even before the Novem er election -- just based on his expected primary win.   

Here is the lead paragraph of the Times article:

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president and the leading vote-getter in the Democratic primary, said on Friday [June 25] that the city could not afford to wait until after the general election in November for the next administration to get started. Instead, he added, Mayor Bill de Blasio should begin the transition AS SOON AS THE WINNER IS THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY IS ANNOUNCED IN MID-JULY.  [Caps added for emphasis.].  

The article goes on to state that normally the transition period is after the general election, with the new mayor taking office January 1, 2022, "[b]ut because there ae many more Democrats than Republicans in the city," the next mayor is likely to be the Democrat primary winner.

What Eric Adams is implying, certainly, is that the general election is irrelevant to t he democratic process in the City of New York - "forget the November balloting; crown me mayor by August 1." There are only two words for this anti-democratic mindset: "what chutzpah."

Curtis Sliwa has demonstrated for several decades, by his work as founder of the Guardian Angels, by is service as a talk radio host, that he is indeed a man of the people, a true "Federalist No. 57 candidate" who will stay close to the people as mayor of New York City.  His website underscores his commitment to deal with the crime problem and quality of life issues that burgeoned under 
de Blasio's lack of leadership that signaled his disinterest in working for the common good of the people of New York City.

Curtis Sliwa is the man who can get New York City's voters -- all of them -- excited about going to the polls to elect a true "man of the people."   National Republicans, including House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik -- a native of upstate New York --should encourage her House colleagues like Jim Jordan to come to New York City to campaign for Curtis.   Indeed, Donald Trump should participate, as well, in at least one Rally for Curtis in Yankee Stadium (or would MLB ban a Republican rally at a major league stadium?).

Not only will Curtis revitalize all five boroughs in the City of New York; he will bring  the  city's moribund Republican Party  back to life.

LPR does not doubt that the totalitarian-minded Democrats will lie about, and try to smear, Curtis -- just as they have lied and tried to smear President Trump.  And like Mr. Trump, Curtis will relish the chance to counter the underhanded blows from Democrats who will stop at nothing in their ruthless bid to lord over "the deplorables."   Curtis will, however, inspire us deplorables to use the power of the ballot box to rush to the voting precincts to elect him as their choice to bring meaningful reform to City Hall.

LPR expects that Curtis will campaign vigorously in all five boroughs of the City of New York, including the areas that are the bluest of the blue.  Indeed LPR expects that by October 1, if not earlier, the name "Curtis" will have  Americans in all sections of the nation thinking favorably of Curtis Sliwa as a political "David" facing the Democrat "Goliath" -- who will have turned out top have counted his chickens without waiting for them to hatch.    

Let the handwritten posters go forth with:  "We Love Curtis,"  "Curtis Is the Man,"  "Curtis-- a Man of the People Who Is For the People,"  "Who's For Curtis? No One But the People!"

Curtis Sliwa, you see, is truly a character come alive from one of those Frank Capra populist movies -- say "Meet John Doe," or "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."   May G-d grant that this real-life Frank Capra candidate enjoy a happy ending next November, to be followed by his swearing-in, January 1, 2022,  as the 110th mayor of New York City.